Building with an installed theme

Setting the theme to be used during html generation is as simple as setting the theme variable in .pdsite.yml. For example, in the configuration below, the theme is set to "default":

# pdsite configuration

theme: default
inputextension: .md
outputfolder: .html

# Site-wide template variables

bootswatch: lumen 
sitename: "pdsite"
pagetitle-suffix: "Pandoc-backed static site generator"
footer: '<a href="">GitHub Repo</a> | <a href="">Report an Issue</a>'

There's also a bootswatch template variable set to "lumen" - the default theme is built on Bootstrap and uses this optional parameter to further customize the site's look and feel by using the corresponding Bootswatch customizations.

Installing new themes

Themes are stored in the the themes subdirectory of the pdsite installation folder (for example, ~/.pdsite/themes). Installing a new theme is just a matter of moving a folder with the theme contents into that subdirectory - once the folder exists the theme can be used by setting the theme variable in a site's .pdsite.yml to the folder name.